1. All abstracts are to be submitted online at

2. There will be 2 categories:

i) P Balasubramaniam Young Orthopaedic Investigator Award (YOIA)


  • A SMC registered doctor below the age of 40 as on 1 Jan 2019.
  • A Member or an Associate Member (for non-specialists) of the Singapore Orthopaedic Association <click here to find out how to be a member or an associate member>
  • The presenter needs to be the Principal Investigator.
  • Only original unpublished works are to be submitted.
  • The submission needs to include a declaration of the amount of work done at the time of submission by the presenter. This will be made known to the P Balasubramaniam YOIA Panel of Judges.
  • Submissions rejected by the scientific selection committee for this category will be considered in the other category of Oral/ePoster presentation.

ii) Oral /ePoster presentation

  • The scientific selection committee will have exclusive rights to decide whether a submission should be an oral presentation or an ePoster based on in its scientific merits of the abstract.

3. The deadline for submission of abstracts is extended to 28 Aug 2019.

4. Once the abstract is accepted, the presenter will need to fund his/her own registration for the SOA Annual Scientific Meeting in order for the abstract to be presented.

5. Format for abstract submission: < click here for abstract submission >

Title: To be in a format of a sentence with upper case characters used grammatically.

Author and co-authors: Start with the family name followed by initials of the first and middle names. Authors are to be separated by commas with the last author being the Principle Investigator in bold. There is a limit of 6 authors in total. All authors and co-authors stated here must be aware of the submission.

The scientific content must be structured with the following sub-headings:

  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Results 
  • Conclusion

Word count: Maximum of 300 words for all the 4 boxes – aim, methods, results and conclusion

6. Guidelines and format for oral and ePoster will be sent upon acceptance of the abstract.

7. There is no limit to the number abstracts that can be submitted per author.  However each abstract must be based on a separate database.

8. There is a limit of 6 authors per abstract and submission is to be done by the presenter only.

9. Presenters will receive a confirmation email via the contact provided as an acknowledgement of the submission. If not received, the presenter should contact the secretariat before the submission deadline.

10. All decisions made by the scientific selection committee will be final.

For further information, please contact